2021 Hardin County Open Class
Directions for Showorks Online Entry Systems
There are Five steps to the online entry system.  We have included step-by-step directions below.  For further help, please call the Fair Office at 419-675-2396 and we can further assist you.
Step One: Exhibitor Registration
To begin, on the left hand side of the navigation bar, click the Register button.
You should now see a screen that says:
Please log in as an Exhibitor or create a new account.
1. Type in your First Name and then your Last Name and choose “I am a new exhibitor” and hit continue.
(Make sure that you use the first and last name that you want on all correspondence and exhibitor tags.)
2. Enter a password for this year (please write it down so you will remember it) and fill out the remaining information fields. (Asterisk fields are required.)  The password will allow you to log in and see your account after you have completed the entries.
Step Two: Entries (Please have a copy of the current Fair Book in front of you or fill out the form from the fairbook and have it close at hand as this will aid in entering online.)
1. Choose a department.
2. Choose a division. Please refer to the division name, as the numbers may be slightly different than those in the fairbook.
3. Choose a class.
 NOTE: Check for any special instructions listed in red lettering at the top of the entry form and follow the instructions given.
4. Hit “add entry to cart” button.
5. If you need to add more entries, choose “add different entry” or “add similar entry”.  Add different entry takes you back to pick a different department.  Add similar entry keeps you in the same department and you can add more classes within the department.
6. When you have entered all your classes, please hit “continue” button.
Step Three: Review
1. This is a review of all your entries for Open Class for this login session only.  Please look this over.  If you made entries in an earlier session, they will not show in the current review.  If you wish to see all your entries from previous sessions, login as a previous user and in the upper right corner hit the “hello (your name)” button and select “your past transactions” and click on the transaction you wish to see.
2. If all of your entries are correct hit “check out”.
3. If you are missing something, hit “add more entries”.
4. The button “empty cart” will clear out everything and you will have to start over.
5. The button “save this cart for later”, allows you to save it and you can go back in later and finish your registration.  When this button is clicked, please be aware that you HAVE NOT entered your Junior Fair entry.  You need to complete ALL the steps.
Step Four: Confirmation
1. Please read over the statement carefully and type “yes” to accept the rules of Open Class exhibition at the Hardin County Fair.
2. Hit “submit”.
Step Five: Finish
1. This is a summary of your receipt.  You should print a copy for your records.
2. Hit “finish”.
Survey  (This is not through us, it is through Showorks)
Note: If the finish circle at the top of the screen has a green checkmark in it, Congratulations, you have completed your online Open Class Fair entry(s).
Entry tags will be available on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday the week prior to the fair.  The scheduled times for available pickup are:
   Friday, September 3rd from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
   Saturday, September 4th from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
   Sunday, September 5th from 12:00 noon to 5:00 pm
   Monday, September 6th form 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Entries must be paid for when tags are picked up and either proof of membership/season ticket must be given or membership/season ticket may be purchased when tags are picked up.